Power Plant is the largest photo studio in the city of Philadelphia. Located in historic Old City, this 4,500 square foot studio boasts a large, smooth 18’ x 18’ curved white cyc wall.

The lofty 25’ ceilings and the ability to have multiple sets at one time, make for an enjoyable production set for photo and video shoots alike. An impressive sound system is available, with accessibility to the studio’s iPad or simply plug in your own device.

Available light enters naturally each morning through the studio’s large, east-facing industrial windows.

Power Plant’s angled hardwood floors have a cool, turn-of-the-century feel that complements the studio’s industrial look.

The facility’s large kitchen is perfect for food styling and/or for catering your production.

Major Films have produced their movie posters at Power Plant while filming here in the city of Philadelphia.

Meghan Trainor, Harrison Ford, Owen Wilson, Jennifer Anniston, Justin Timberlake, Britney Spears and more, have all graced our studio.

The sporting industry takes full advantage of Power Plant: Adidas, Reebok, Nike, etc.

Studio B, our raw 5,000 square foot basement space rounds out the lofty feel of our main studio with its raw concrete floors and distressed concrete walls, perfect for videos and photo shoots looking for that “Fight Club” feel.

Power plant also assists with a variety of production needs, including rental gear, grip, cameras, lighting, crew, stylists and more.