Digital Gear

  Canon 5D-M3s / Canon Prime & Zoom Lenses
  Phase / Hasselblad (Please Call)
  MacBook Pro
  Mac Cine 24" and 27" Monitors
  Dynalite 1000w Packs & Heads
  Profoto & Dynalite Modifiers:
  Profoto Beauty Dishes, Magnums
  Mola Euro Dish 24" and 36"
  Octobanks, Soft Boxes, Umbrellas
  Profoto Giant 210
  Briese 220 Adapted for Profoto (Please Call)

Continuous Light

  HMI’s / Arri / Lowell

Strobe Sytems

  Profoto 8A B4 B1 D1
  Dynalite 1000w packs & heads
  Profoto & Dynalite modifiers:
  Profoto beauty dishes, magnums
  Mola Euro dish 24" and 36"
  Octobanks, soft boxes, umbrellas
  Profoto Giant 210
  Briese 220 adapted for Profoto (call)


  C-stands, Rollers, Windup, Pic Style
  Clamps: Big Bens, Super, Spring, Cardelinni
  Frames, Solids & Silks: 4x • 8x • 12x
  Flags, Scrims, Floppies, Show Cards
  Real EFX Fan II
  Makeup Tables and Chairs
  Steamers, Rolling Racks, Hangers
  Ladders / Scaffold / Cubes / Poles / Support